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Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Home


Last updated on June 21st, 2023 at 06:57 am

How to Set Up Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Home

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to add style and functionality to your home. How do you set it up? Learn how to get started here.

The right under cabinet lighting can make your kitchen simultaneously more functional and more beautiful.

It provides bright task lighting just where you need it, adding illumination that not only aids with food preparation but also adds a sense of drama and finish to the entire room. It can also double as evening lighting, allowing you to turn off bright overhead lights in favor of dimmer, moodier lighting from a concealed, discreet source.

Purchase the Right Fixture

First things first, you’ll want to find the right light fixture for your space. That way, the light isn’t too small, bulky, or overpowering for any room. To do that, it’s essential that you follow these next steps:

Measure Your Cabinet

Measure the width of your cabinets, from the distance from the backsplash to the front of your cabinets. Generally, the underside of your cabinets will be two inches shorter than the overall width of your entire cabinet, and the recessed area tends to be less deep.

However, it’s crucial that you measure your cabinet before searching for light fixtures. It will do you no good if you buy a light fixture that is too small or too big for your cabinet.

Consider Dampiness Ratings

People tend to forget that moisture can erode certain materials, meaning not all lights are meant for high damp areas like bathrooms. When you search for a light fixture, filter your search by dampness ratings so you can see which lights are recommended for high or low damp areas.

Typically, you’ll need damp resistance lights for bathroom areas; however, if you plan on putting a light fixture over any type of sink, you’ll want to purchase some type of damp resistance lights. It can be a medium resistance due to the fact you might use the sink off and on.

Just remember to read reviews on each fixture to get a good understanding of its abilities and its wear and tear process. Now keep in mind that damp resistance lights often cost more than dry-rated fixtures due to their durable materials.

Review Different Lighting Styles, Finishes, and Concepts

Once you find a few under-the-counter lights that adhere to your needs, review the different styles, finishes, and concepts that are available. After all, you can purchase an LED adhesive light strip, LED motion sensor light bars, LED puck lights, and much more.

Depending on the style of the light, the LED can either produce a soft white or warm white illumination. The fixtures themselves come in a variety of colors to suit any home design. Make sure you select one fixture that won’t stand out but instead blend in with your cabinet space.

That way, the fixture itself isn’t making a statement and cluttering the room. You’ll want what’s on your counter and your counter space as a whole to be the statement piece of your space.

under-cabinet-lighting-in-kitchen-bar-areaThink About Adjustability

Some under-the-counter lights can sync to Google Home, Alexia, and other smart home electronics. With these smart features, some counter lights can be turned on/off, dimmed, and change color simply by pressing a button on your phone or speaking a command out loud.

These adjustable features are great to have in your kitchen as well as in your bathroom, to quickly turn on/off before you enter the room. Plus, they can be accessible when you’re not home. For example, if you forgot to turn off the lights, you can do so from your phone instead of wasting battery by being on all day.

Not to mention, some lights are also physically adjustable, meaning you can place them and re-adjust the light in a specific direction you want. That way, the light isn’t just emitting from underneath the cabinet but illuminating in places of importance, like where you frequently cut vegetables or make coffee.

Physically re-adjusting lights can be a hassle, so when you find ones that are easy and hassle-free, make sure to favorite them. After all, don’t just buy lights for their aesthetic purposes. Purchase cabinet lights to make your everyday experiences more efficient, and that include features you can use regularly.

Purchase Under Cabinet Lighting Today

Purchasing the right under cabinet lighting is often challenging, but thanks to this guide, you have a cheat sheet. To purchase the best cabinet lights, first, measure your cabinet and filter your search options based on damp resistance. Then review the type of styles and purchase based on adjustability within your space. All you have to do next is install the light fixtures.

Thinking about getting lights installed under your cabinets at your home or business? ServiceWise Electrical can help! Learn more about our under cabinet lighting installations by clicking here or book your schedule directly online.

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