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Service Panel Installations

Your service panel is considered the “heart” of your home. The main power feeds the main panel which then distributes to your devices, appliances, outlets, etc. If you your home is older – you may need a service panel installation to upgrade your main electric panel. 

A properly maintained circuit breaker will have currents flowing at secure levels. There should be no water damage, corrosion, or any additional mechanical problems that could potentially start a blaze if sparks were set off.

Keep your home or business safe and fully functional with a service panel upgrade. Our team of electricians have the knowledge and experience to make sure your service panel is safe, up to code, and performing at its highest potential. We will take a look at your service panel and test the functionality to ensure it's operating correctly and is not in danger of overloading.

What are some signs my service panel needs to be upgraded?

  • Your home is over 25 years old
  • Wires crumbling in outlet boxes
  • Lights flickering
  • Outlets don’t take three-prong plugs
  • GFCI outlets are not installed where they are required
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Fuses keep blowing
  • Service panel feels warm or gives off a burning smell
  • If the electric panel is a Federal Pacific, Zinsco, I-T-E Pushmatic, or GTE/Sylvania brand: all of these have been off the market for years because of serious safety issues. If your home has one of these brands, we recommend an immediate electric panel change for the safety of your home or business
  • An electric panel change is also recommended for “split-buss” electrical panels that were popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s

If you're experiencing any of these issues and need help with your service panel, contact the experts at ServiceWise Electric to schedule a time to check your electric panel out today!

Servicewise Electric strives to be the best in the industry by offering the highest level of professional service every time. We are a family owned and operated company with over 25 years of experience. It would be our pleasure to service your electric needs.
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