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Power Surge Protector Installation

House Power Surge Protection Installation

A power surge happens in milliseconds — a thousandth of the time it takes you to blink your eyes. Maybe you see the lights flicker, or your computer locks up for no apparent reason. Maybe you don’t notice anything at all.

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But that little spike in the current flowing through the wires of your house can have big consequences. There’s an easy and affordable way to steer clear of those kinds of losses. Get a house surge protector installation by one of our certified electricians to protect your entire electrical system and anything that is plugged into it. 

Unlike surge protection outlets that protect only one receptacle, a whole house surge protector protects everything inside your home that is plugged into an outlet or connected to your electrical wiring. Because it protects your whole electrical system, it is located inside the main breaker panel.

It's only function is to resist surges that unexpectedly come through the home. It creates a resistance to the surge by using insulators. As the surge travels through these insulators, it slows down before it reaches the devices inside your home.

What Causes Power Surges?

Most people worry about a power surge being caused by something outside of the house, like a lightning strike or downed power lines. While a lightning strike is the most dangerous cause of power surges, it’s far from the most common.

60% to 80% of power surges start inside the home, typically from major appliances and systems that cycle on and off, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and clothes dryers.

Over time, those fluctuations take a cumulative toll on sensitive electronics, such as TVs, computer equipment, microwaves, and smart appliances, causing delicate circuits to malfunction or burn out prematurely.

To learn more. read our page about power surges, the causes, effects, and prevention

Keep your home's electric system and appliances safe! Get a quote for a whole house surge protector installation today!

How Does Whole House Surge Protection Work?

Since power surges don’t present a fire hazard, protective devices aren’t required by building codes or homeowner’s insurance carriers. But they are highly recommended by professionals.

The good news is that protection is readily available, and even the top-of-the-line solutions are affordable. The gold standard is a two-tiered system: a whole-house surge protective device, or SPD, installed at the circuit breaker box, and plug-in SPDs on individual outlets.

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A whole-house SPD can protect against up to 40,000 amps of current flowing into your home from the outside; normal household power is 200 to 300 amps. When a sudden surge occurs, such as from a lightning strike or damage to a power line, the device detects the excess current and safely diverts it away from the breaker box through the house’s grounding path.

For the most sensitive electronics, such as computers and home entertainment systems, a second layer of protection from voltage spikes is recommended in the form of point-of-use SPDs. You can get them from any electronics retailer. A quality point-of-use SPD starts at about $30 and comes with a warranty to replace damaged equipment if the device fails.

No surge suppression device is foolproof; if your house takes a direct hit from lightning, only luck and good karma will keep anything plugged into a power source from being obliterated. But weighed against the damage even everyday power fluctuations can cause, whole-house surge protection is an investment well worth the cost. 

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