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Top Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation

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Last updated on May 24th, 2023 at 06:37 pm

Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation and Why You Should Hire a Pro

There are various benefits of ceiling fan installation throughout the home, but why should you hire a pro to do the work? Learn it all right here.

Ceiling fans are a staple for most American homes and businesses, and rightly so. Serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose, these fans are a definite must-have.

It’s normal to be on the fence about installing ceiling fans in your home. If this sounds like you, we’re here to show you why you should plan your ceiling fan installation service. Plus, we’ll also prove to you that leaving the installation work to the experts works best.

Ceiling Fans Help Slash Your Energy Costs

The average US household’s energy use in 2019 was about $115.49 per month. Energy bills have been skyrocketing, and homeowners are scrambling to find ways to cut their energy spending. One way to do just that is to get home ceiling fans.

We understand how this looks ridiculous at first. How can adding an electrical appliance decrease my energy bill? Well, it’s pretty simple; ceiling fans help reduce your reliance on your air conditioner system.

Your air conditioner accounts for a large chunk of your energy spending. Ceiling fans help keep your house cooler, thus decreasing your dependence on the AC to regulate temperatures. This, in turn, leads to a drastic reduction in your energy bills.

If you want to cut down on your energy spending but still keep the house cool, look no further than ceiling fans.

They Help You Keep Warm

Did you know that ceiling fans have a reverse function that can make your house warmer during the warm season? That’s right, the reverse function works in reverse and makes the room a lot warmer.

During summer, the fans will force air down towards you, causing a cooling effect. During winter, the reverse function kicks in, and the fan’s blades reverse direction. This makes the warm air rise, which the fans then distribute all over the room.

They’re Quiet

Gone are the days when fans made annoying rattling noises when you turned them on. These days, fans are super quiet. There’s no whirring, rattling, or even humming sounds from the fan. Heck, they’re quieter than your AC; we’ll tell you that.

So don’t worry about ceiling fans interrupting your sleep or work routine. These fans are so quiet that you’ll hardly notice they’re there.

They’re Affordable

Ceiling fans are a more cost-effective option than an HVAC system. This is both in terms of installation and running costs. Since most of the electrical components are inside the fan, the ceiling fan installation won’t turn into a full-fledged electrical job.

All in all, you’ll save a lot more by getting a ceiling fan, instead of an HVAC system. Do the math, and you’ll come to the same conclusion.

They Help Save Space

Ceiling fans stay high up on the ceiling, where you only have light fixtures. Since they don’t occupy floor or wall space, you can save a lot of space. You can use this space for extra furniture or for wall decor to spice up the room. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for certain HVAC units that take up entire rooms. If you’re low on space, then you should get ceiling fans.

They Look Great

Ceiling fans these days come with a heap of aesthetic flair. They’re just what you need to top off your living room interior. The same goes for any other room in dire need of some spicing up.

Pick from the various designs and find something that works for your living space. Ceiling fans are a great look for any household. Just make sure they complement the rest of the room and don’t interfere with the lighting.

Innovative Features

The ceiling fans we have today are a far cry from what your parents used to have. These days, ceiling fans are a lot more technologically capable. They’re loaded with a ton of exciting features for better functionality and much more.

Some of these features include:

  • Remote control functionality for regulating speed
  • Accent lighting options
  • LED lighting options

Some fans even have their own smartphone apps that allow you to control the fan. Others have DC motors, making them extremely efficient. Get a ceiling fan today, so you don’t miss out on any of these innovative features.

They’re Great for the Outdoors

Of course, you can’t have ceiling fans outdoors, so how are they great for the outdoors? Well, by “outdoors,” we’re talking about outdoor living areas like patios and balconies.

When it gets too hot, it’s normal to go outdoors and feel the wind in your face. However, this is hard to do when there’s no wind, and that’s why we have ceiling fans. Ceiling fans provide a cool breeze outdoors to help you cool off.

To escape the searing heat indoors, you can grab a chair, head outside, and feel the breeze. Turn on your ceiling fan for a cool, gentle breeze and relax while you sip lemonade.

They’re Much Safer than Stationary Fans

Stationary fans can be a safety hazard, especially if you have kids or pets. Kids are very curious and they might stick their fingers inside the fan and get hurt. They might also knock over the fans and come tumbling down with them.

Because fans are high up on the ceiling, it’s hard for kids or pets to reach them. This makes them a much safer option than stationary fans.

Why You Should Hire Professionals for Your Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a ceiling fan doesn’t seem like rocket science. What’s so difficult about climbing up on a ladder and drilling a fan onto the ceiling? While it certainly sounds easy, installing a ceiling fan is a lot harder in practice.

You’ve probably built up a solid DIY skillset over the years, and you’re confident you’re up to the task. However, when it comes to ceiling fan installation, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Here are a few reasons why:

For Personal Safety

The number one reason why you should let experts install your ceiling fan is safety. Regardless of how many DIY projects you’ve worked on before, climbing ladders is never safe. The same goes for using mechanical drills on large and heavy ceiling fans.

What’s more, installing ceiling fans requires a bit of electrical work, which you may be unable to handle. Remember, electricity is dangerous. Given that 400 people die from electrocution each year, tampering with electricity isn’t something you want to do.

Hiring professional ceiling fan installers ensures optimum safety for you and your family. Professionals have a firm understanding of all the safety hazards common with ceiling fan installation. They will take the necessary steps to ensure the entire process is seamless and without injuries.

To Prevent Fire Outbreaks

As mentioned above, electrical work is a common aspect of ceiling fan installation. If you do it yourself and get it wrong, there’s a chance you could unknowingly start a fire. Electrical failures are a leading cause of house fires, and you could be a victim if you don’t hire a professional for your ceiling fan installation.

Fires are extremely dangerous and could also mean massive losses for you and your spouse. Hiring professionals will ensure proper fire safety when you install a ceiling fan in your home.

They Get It Done Faster

Let’s face it; regardless of your DIY skills, professional ceiling fan installers are still way better. That means they can install the fan and have it up and running in record time. The average person will take ages to install a single ceiling fan, let alone many of them throughout the house.

If you want a clean and quick job, you’d better hire experts for your ceiling fan installation. The faster you get the fans on your ceiling, the better it is for you.

Unmatched Work Quality

The phrase “you get what you pay for,” holds water when it comes to ceiling fan installation. You’re paying professional installers for a clean installation job, and that’s exactly what you get. Provided you get the best ceiling fan installers, expect nothing more than top-notch service quality.

For Peace of Mind

Don’t be that homeowner that’s always worried that the ceiling fan will break down at any moment. Well, that’s what you get if you use YouTube tutorials to install your ceiling fans. Don’t even get us started on the chances of electrical failure.

For complete peace of mind, hire a professional ceiling fan installer to do a clean job once and for all.

Schedule Your Ceiling Fan Installation Today

The best time to plan your ceiling fan installation is today. However, make sure you get the right people for the job, to experience the above benefits.

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