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Discover the Most Popular Remodel Trends For 2021

Discover the Most Popular Remodel Trends For 2021

Last updated on February 9th, 2022 at 12:33 pm

Discover the Most Popular Remodel Trends For 2021

Are you tired of being home all 2020? Discover our favorite remodel trends of 2021 and let us help you make your home feel brand new again!

Are you tired of your same old home design? Has extra time at home got you itching for a remodel? If so, you’re not alone!

The increase of working and schooling from home has homeowners rethinking their spaces. An estimated 40% more Americans remodeled kitchens and bathrooms in 2020. Home remodels aimed at adding space to existing homes climbed 58% in 2020 as well.

If you’re spending more time in your home, you may as well enjoy the view! If you’re ready to join the pandemic remodel revolution, here are some 2021 trends to add to your Pinterest board.

Shut the Kitchen Door (and Walls)

The 2000s began with homeowners loving open spaces. Almost every kitchen remodel project focused on knocking down walls to create an open living room/kitchen space.

It’s time to rethink this trend. The year 2021 has families facing the reality of being at home together. Closing off your kitchen is a great way to increase practical function.

The kids can have an undisturbed working space while adults prep meals in the kitchen.

If you’re itching to open up your kitchen, consider opening it up to the outside. Kitchens that open up to outside spaces are trending this year. As more gatherings are moving outside, it just makes sense.

If you can’t gather in the kitchen, at least gather right outside it! Entertaining outdoor guest is much easier when your food prep space is a few steps away from the action.

If you’re adding a wall to your kitchen space, you may need the help of an electrical contractor.

Go Dark and Light

Homeowners are loving dark surfaces for the 2021 kitchen remodel. Dark stone, grey cabinets, and higher backsplashes are creating a perfect palette for colorful statement pieces.

Marble, stone, and concrete countertops and backsplashes haven’t gone anywhere this year. Under the cabinet lighting will add focal interest and function to your new kitchen space as well.

Splashes of color aren’t just for rugs and towels. Think about red cabinetry on a small center island.

As for your color splashes, yellow rugs, flowers, and even utensils are a perfect contrast for grey backdrops. Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray are Pantone’s 2021 colors of the year.

Dark base tones with pops of bright colors seem appropriate for the mood of 2021: somber, yet hopeful.

The Hot Water Tap

This 2021 kitchen trend is here to stay. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you must consider adding a hot water tap.

Hot water taps are designed to deliver almost boiling water right from the sink’s tap. This eliminates the need to wait for water to boil on the stove.

Many are touting its energy-saving properties. If the water is already almost boiling, there’s no need to waste energy heating it on a gas or electric stove.

Eco and Earthy

If you’d like your remodeled space to be a place of comfort calm, you’re on trend in 2021. Countertops, cabinets, and walls with neutral and earthy tones are definitely in.

Contrast natural hues with eco-friendly accent pieces. Consider chunky homemade blankets and throw pillows. Upcycle vintage curtains or find sustainably sourced window coverings.

Yes, You Cane

Cane is coming back and homeowners are here for it.

Add a cane backed office chair to your home office remodel. Consider cane end tables for your new outdoor seating area.

Will your home remodel give you a new bedroom? Add a cane headboard to your newly remodeled space.

Trends of 2021 are offering so many different styles and uses for cane. Pieces like a dining room buffet look stunning with doors made of cane.

Cane storage baskets offer function and style in any room of your home. Consider cane lighting as well. Lamps or sconces made of cane may be just what your room needs to wear this trend well.

Mix and Match

Do you like modern but have an affinity for a few vintage pieces? Maybe you really liked the shabby chic phase but need less shabby and more chic.

If you like to have one foot in the past and one in the present, 2021 has a design trend for you.

If you’re looking at a bathroom remodel, consider keeping your modern tub and sink. An ornate vintage mirror with one or two plush, eclectic chairs is a great way to spice up the space.

Bronze fixtures paired with velvet or plush textures also creates a modern/vintage commingle vibe. Play around with bold colors, too.

Don’t be afraid to go a little granny chic in other spaces as well. Vintage furniture with straight-lined lamps or coffee tables creates a mixed era vibe 2021 can’t get enough of.

Are You Ready for Vinyl’s Comeback?

Yes, you did read that correctly. Vinyl has made a comeback in 2021 and we’re totally here for it.

Vinyl is a great way to zhuzh up your space on a budget. A big reason for vinyl’s resurgence is the ability to keep it clean. Vinyl is a resilient and sanitary option for those wanting to keep their homes virus-free.

This isn’t your 1990s vinyl. Styles have come a long way in the last 30 years. Vinyl flooring selections are no longer limited to hunter green and beige diamond patterns.

Give your room new life by replacing your tired tile or crumpled carpet with vinyl.


Cottagecore is everywhere in 2021. From clothing to decor, cottagecore is a way of life.

This trend gives you permission to go a little quirky and add a little clutter to your space. If the minimalist trend of the past wasn’t your favorite, you’ll embrace cottagecore with open arms.

Throw together a vintage wingback chair, chunky floral patterns, and maybe a chicken coop out back. Lean into the puffy pillows and busy patterns. Go ahead and put up that little tchotchke shelf.

Cottagecore gives you permission to personalize your style while making it cozy, comfy, and a little funky.

Switching out your lighting is also a great way to embrace the softer nature of cottagecore. Your vintage style shouldn’t be reflected in that electrical panel, though!

An electrical contractor can tell you’re in need of any service panel upgrades. While you’ve got them there, ask about replacing traditional switches with dimmers. It will add a great deal of ambiance to your cottagecore vibe.

Make Your Office at Home

Residential and commercial remodel projects have increased out of necessity this year. Everyone wants to stay safe at work, even if they aren’t working from home.

Those returning to office spaces will expect a lot this year. Commercial remodel trends are calling for a full-on work experience.

Gone are the fluorescent lights and cubicles. Comfy chairs and creative gathering spaces are replacing the desk rows of the past.

Better attention to adequate lighting should also follow this trend. Gathering spaces with inviting, softer lights will become a must-have for modern office buildings of 2021.

Let’s Take This Outside

Outdoor gatherings and social distancing have become commonplace buzzwords of 2020. Extroverts not wishing to go crazy have decided to remodel their outdoor spaces. One survey of designers reported a 63.7% increase in outdoor space remodels.

Outdoor kitchens are on the rise as well. Outdoor ice makers, refrigerators, and built-in grills aren’t going anywhere in 2021.

Year-round outdoor home havens are also trending this year. Take a comfy chair, small table, even a couch outside. Don’t skimp on cozy blankets and throw pillows, either. Add some festoons lights and a fire pit and you’ve got yourself an oasis!

If you plan to add lighting outside, make sure your home can handle it. It’s best to contact an electrical contractor to get circuit breakers and generators cleared before using them.

Around the World Right at Home

If you’re a regular jet-setter, 2020 has been a real bummer for you. Restrictions on travel have those who love to see the world stuck at home.

Thankfully, there’s a trend for that! Incorporating designs from countries and cultures around the globe is trending big time in 2021.

Globes, oversized prints, and unique statement pieces bring travel vibes into your home. By keeping furniture and light fixtures neutral and earthy, you can strike a balance between exotic travel and home oasis.

Inspire yourself each day by incorporating an international theme to your new home office remodel.

Light up Your Remodel

If you’re not looking for a giant overhaul of your outdoor space, consider upgrading the lighting.

Flood lighting is a great way to keep the party going after the sun goes down. Don’t want your lighting to stand out? Directional flood lighting can be built into your structure.

Flood lighting is also a great way to keep outdoor business areas secure. Consider outdoor lighting options for parking spaces and patios alike.

Before You Begin…

Maybe 2021 is when you finally swap your early 2000s honey oak with sleeker earth tones. Is this finally the year you’ll spruce up that outdoor space exactly how you want it? If you’ve been missing your travel fix, it might be time to add international themes to your next remodel design.

From kitchen to bath, indoor living to outdoor living, 2021 is already winning the home remodel design scene.

Before you start your home remodel project, contact an electrical contractor at ServiceWise Electrical. Browse our website for client testimonials or visit our gallery for design ideas.

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