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Questions to Ask an Electrician in Georgia

Questions to Ask an Electrician in Georgia

Last updated on May 24th, 2023 at 08:39 pm

9 Questions to Ask an Electrician in Georgia or Anywhere

If you’re looking for electrical wiring help with your Georgia home, there’s no better person to ask than an electrician in Georgia. Here’s what you need to know.

questions to ask an electrician in Georgia

Your light flickers a lot, and when you decide to look at the breaker box, you realize that you have no clue how to solve the problem. Now, you’re stuck between calling your uncle Joe from out of town or a local electrician in Georgia. Uncle Joe is the cheaper alternative, but he does a shoddy job and eats all the food in your fridge, so you call the electrician.

There’s no shortage of electricians in Georgia. In fact, Googling “electrician Georgia” will expose you to hundreds of electricians for your consideration. However, picking the right electrician for the job is where things get a bit challenging. With so many to choose from, how do you find the best electrician in Georgia?

Well, the best way to find a proficient electrician for your electricity issues is to ask all the right questions. Today, we’ll be highlighting a few questions to ask an electrician to ensure you get the right person for the job.

1. Do You Have a Valid License and Insured?

licensed and insured electrician

The first question to ask is whether the electrician has a valid license. In Georgia, electricians don’t require a license to practice electrical work; however, electrical contractors do. So if you’re working with a single electrician, you might want to skip asking for a license. That said, if you need an electrical contractor for electrical work in your building, then a license is a must-have. Ask to see the contractor’s license and pay keen attention to the expiry date. Remember, an expired license doesn’t count as a valid one.

Aside from the license, it’s also important to inquire whether the electrician has proper insurance. Insurance will help shield you from liability if the electrician gets injured while working on your home. Insurance is especially important if you have an entire team of electricians working at your house.

Workers’ compensation insurance is an insurance policy that covers workers against work-related injuries. If you hire an electrical contractor, make sure they have proper workers’ comp and general liability insurance at the very least.

2. Have You Worked on Something Like This Before?

Electrical problems vary from minor issues to full-blown electrical hazards. That’s why it’s super important to ask the electrician whether they’ve handled this type of problem before. In doing so, you can be confident that the electrician is up to the task and can deliver the services you require.

The same goes for anyone requiring large-scale electrical work. Not all electrical contractors are cut out for certain jobs, especially commercial work. Find out whether they have handled projects of that magnitude before.

For contractors, ask to see their portfolio to know what you should expect from them. You’re better off with a company that has experience with your particular issue or project. It’s also important to know the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor to get the right person for the job.

3. Who Will Be Working on the Issue or Project

It’s vital that you know the exact professional that will be working on your particular project. Ask if the electrician will work on the issue themselves or will they subcontract to another entity. This is very important if you’re working on a new electrical project like your home’s electrical system.

Remember, electrical work may spill over to activities that have nothing to do with electricity. Sometimes the project may require excavation, drilling, drywall repair, or other work associated with the work to be performed. In such scenarios, it’s common for the electrician or contractor to subcontract to another person.

For ultimate assurance, ask to meet the team that will be working on your issue or project. Weigh the team members and decide whether they’re fit for the task at hand. If not, you’re better off with another electrical contractor.

4. Does the Work Require a Permit?

Do I need an electrical permit

There’s a chance that whatever the electrician will be working on will require a permit. There’s no point in getting an electrician from who knows where, only for you to find out that the project needs a permit. Ask whether the work needs a permit so you can take the necessary steps to get it if the project requires one.

5. How Much Industry Experience Do You Have

When it comes to electrical work, you can never go wrong with an experienced electrician or electrical contractor. The skills they’ve garnered during their years in the field will prove useful to your particular problem or project. Experienced electricians also understand the importance of proper customer service and know the best way to sidestep certain electrical issues.

6. How Much Do You Charge for Your Work?

You don’t want to hire an electrician or contractor that you can’t afford. That’s why you need to ask how much the electrician charges for their services. Request a breakdown of the actual service cost to ensure the electrician isn’t overcharging.

Questions to ask an electrician_how much does it cost?

Remember, price shouldn’t be your primary determinant when picking an electrician. Be extra careful with electricians that charge meager rates. You will most likely end up getting what you pay for.

Cheap electricians still have to make a profit at the end of the day. That means they’ll be cutting a few corners to ensure they take home a considerable amount despite their low charges. It’s also not a good idea to hire a very expensive electrician. A high price doesn’t necessarily mean quality services.

7. Do You Have Any Specialties?

Some electricians are specialists in particular aspects of electricity. Some may be experts in repairs, while others specialize in installation and replacements. Ask whether the electrician has any specialties to find out whether the specialties match your needs.

8. Ask About Any Warranties or Guarantee

Do you offer a warranty on electrical work?

There’s always a chance that everything will work fine when the electrician finishes the work but breaks down when they leave. That’s why it’s crucial to ask whether the electrician offers a warranty for labor and parts. In doing so, you can rest easy knowing that the warranty will cover any unexpected issues after the installation or repairs.

Offering a lifetime warranty promise, like Servicewise Electric of Canton, Ga, covering the work that will be performed and the service you will provide afterwards gives people the peace of mind that they need to make the right decision.

9. Do You Have Any References I Can Talk To?

Ask the electrical company whether they have any references you can speak to. References will give elaborate accounts of their first-hand experience with the electrician. This will help you make a more informed decision on whether the electrician is a good choice for you.

Any electrician or contractor that refuses to give you referrals is not worth your time. This is a huge red flag and shows that the electrician might be hiding something. You’re better off finding another person for the job.

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The Right Questions Equal the Right Service

Now that you know how to find an electrician in Georgia and what questions to ask, it’s on you to make the right decision. Remember to do your due diligence before settling on an electrician or electrical contractor. You can check out reviews from authority review sites like Google, Yelp, and the BBB to learn more about the electrician.

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