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8 Reasons to Install New Electrical Outlets in Your Home

electrical outlets

Last updated on May 4th, 2021 at 06:04 pm

Wondering if you should install updated electrical outlets in your home? Take a look at these 8 reasons to install new electrical outlets in your home.

Did you know that more than 13 percent of home structure fires are a result of electric malfunction? That makes electrical faults the second leading cause of home fires in the United States. These fires often originate from electrical outlets in the bedrooms, ceilings, kitchens, and other concealed spaces.

How safe is your home? Most homeowners rarely change their home’s electrical outlets. You probably wonder if it’s necessary to replace your electrical outlets; after all, they seem to work fine.

Well, news flash, you may be sitting on a time bomb. Your home’s electrical outlets need upgrades and overhauls as often as possible. Here are eight grounded reasons why you should consider changing those electrical outlets sooner rather than later. 

Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing Electrical Outlets

Simple actions such as turning on a lamp, operating a fridge, or flipping on the TV may seem mundane. However, these everyday tasks in your home require electrical outlets to work. While you may not have given it much thought, what happens behind the walls that enables you to enjoy the benefits of electricity is an intricate process.

For flawless flow of electric currents in your home, the electrical outlets must be operating at optimum. A slight mishap in the condition of these critical components may spell disaster at home. These reasons should inform your decision to consider a revamp of the electric system within your home.

To Avert the Risk of Electric Fires

20 percent of direct property damage in the United States is due to fires caused by electrical faults. The worst part about fires related to electric fires is that by the time you see smoke on the outlet, the electric sparks could be starting a fire inside the walls. Most times, unattended electrical outlets may lead to the formation of an electric arc. 

Most electric arcs can heat up to 1500 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. With such levels of heat, wood studded walls and any flammable materials will catch fire in seconds. Replacing old and malfunctioning electrical outlets can help you reduce the risk of fires.  

If your home’s electrical outlets are showing signs of discoloration, scorching, or smoke, it may be time to call in our experts. Outlets that feel hot to the touch may be the most straightforward acid test to confirm brewing power trouble. Don’t wait until the problem comes knocking, consider acting while there’s still time. 

Replace Worn Out Outlets

As it is with most components, electrical outlets experience wear and tear. The frequent use of these outlets make them susceptible to damages, which may lead to weak or loose connections. Most worn-out outlets will experience gradual heat buildup, which in turn has the potential to ignite a fire. 

Cracked outlet plates can also be a real safety hazard, especially in homes where there are younger children. While such cracks may be a dust trap, there’s also the underlying danger of electrocution. Such cracked outlets may require urgent replacement to avoid such underlying safety concerns.

It’s a good practice to always change cracked on worn-out electrical outlets. 

Are you wondering how to go about dealing with worn-out electrical outlets? How about you let us worry about that on your behalf and save you from the risk of a future crisis. 

Changing from Series to Parallel Circuit 

Most homeowners have embraced the idea of switching from series to parallel circuits. If you’re still stuck with a series connection, then it may be time to consider a shift. Parallel connections offer you the option of dedicating your appliances individual switches. 

Most modern homes consider the advantages of parallel-connected electrical outlets as a motivator to switch from series connection. With parallel-connected electrical outlets, your system will have automatic resistance to the flow of current, which means that the current increases. 

If you’re stuck with a series connection, it may be time to consider a change to a parallel connection. However, this requires the intervention of an expert with the knowledge on handling electrical outlets. Changing your electric connection to the parallel circuit reduces the risk of all your outlets experiencing faults at the same time.  

For Upgrade Purposes

Even the best innovations experience a face out eventually. While your old electrical outlets may be functioning fine, you might need to consider newer versions over time. Earlier versions of electrical outlets may have diminished usefulness as times change.

Further, the onset of newer and more sophisticated appliances require upgraded electrical outlets. You may consider new receptors or a shift from the standard outlets to GFCI versions. Modern technology provides homeowners with safer options for receptors in areas that are prone to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether you want to upgrade from 2-prong to 3- prong receptors or to replace coaxial wall plates to newer versions, having seasoned electricians by your side is critical. Ultimately, updated electrical outlets have superior functionality. Our electricians can guide you on the most recent trends in electrical outlet upgrades, as you decide on what works better for you. 

The Outlet Is Not Working

Most homeowners insist on repairs even when the problem could be that the outlet is no longer functional. If that’s the case, then the best thing would be to consider replacing the outlet.

If you’re not sure of whether the outlets are functional, it will help to call in an electrician. Most times, when electrical outlets stop working, the problem may be more deep-rooted. A close assessment by an expert on the extent of damage can provide a way forward, which is often a proposal to change the components. 

If the Electrical Outlets Have Burn Marks 

This should be the clearest indicator yet that your electrical outlets need a facelift. Often when burn marks appear on the electrical outlets, it means that the component may be melting. This may mean that there could be short-circuits within the system.

Most of the burn marks on electrical outlets are due to recurrent sparks. If the outlet has a direct connection to appliances such as TVs or fridges, you stand the risk of damages, which may be excessively costly. Your best bet in such cases is to change these outlets as soon as possible to avert safety risks. 

A qualified electrician will conduct inspections on the fittings within the walls to ensure that they address any other fault within the system. With new electrical outlets and a revamped power supply system, you are unlikely to face instances of electrical outlets melting or burning. 

If You Have Cause to Believe Your Outlets Have Had Excess Exposure to Moisture 

Water can introduce two serious risks when in contact with your electric outputs. You stand both the chance of fire starting and that of probable electrocution. If you notice that your electrical outlets have had continuous exposure to water or moisture, it may be time to act.  

The first step should be to establish the source of the moisture or water and arrest the situation. This may be a DIY process, or you could involve a plumber. Once you arrest the source of the water or moisture, the next step should be to replace electrical outlets. 

Most people think that merely drying such outputs and the wires connecting them does the trick. However, considering that the outlets may still be damp, it would help to undertake an overhaul of the system. Most modern homes use GFCI outlets due to their ability to withstand moisture. 

The Slots Have Loosened 

Do you have electrical outlets that have since become increasingly loose? Such outlets may not be able to hold on to the weight of the cords once attached. Rather than staying firmly attached to the output slots, the cables may always pull out or unplug, which may cause power interruptions. 

Electrical outputs may loosen over time due to structural problems such as foundational shifts. In such cases, the electric outputs may eventually loosen up due to contractions or expansions in the wall.  Consulting an electrician during such instances may be useful. 

With expert support, you may decide to change the electrical outlets on the same holes or opt to drill new stable holes. This is another reason to consider working with a company that has the reputation of professional services. 

You Should Consider Replacing Your Electric Outputs Now

Electricity is a good servant when everything is under control, but a terrible master when things get out of hand. Unfortunately, it’s the small things you miss, such as loosely attached outputs, which eventually cause unimagined losses.  

If you have not changed your electric outputs in a while, you need to consider these eight reasons. Most of the threats posed by electricity, such as fires and electrocution, are due to the failure to review the underlying conditions of the electrical outlets. You need to call in our specialists as soon as possible to ensure that the electric outputs replacement process occurs with the utmost professionalism.

Are you considering changing your electric outputs and wonder how to go about the process? Contact us for professional services.

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