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10 Reasons Why DIY Electrical Repairs Are a Bad Idea


Last updated on May 25th, 2023 at 11:44 pm

10 Reasons Why DIY Electrical Repairs Are a Bad Idea (Plus DIY Don’ts)

If you’re ever tempted to do your own DIY electrical repairs at home, here’s a list on why it’s never the best idea — plus DIY tasks you just shouldn’t try!

Electricity is a staple of most households, but it’s easy for something to get thrown out of whack. Electrical issues are a common occurrence in any home and can prove to be difficult to deal with. If you are low on funds or think the issue is small, you may be tempted to handle the electrical repairs yourself.

Why is taking a DIY approach to electrical issues a bad idea?

When you try to handle electrical repairs on your own, you put yourself, your property, and those around you at serious risk. Here are just a few reasons why you should always contact a professional for electrical problems.

1. Risk to Yourself and Others

There is a huge amount of risk involved when it comes to handling your own electrical issues. Not only are you putting your own health on the line, but you are also risking the health and lives of those around you.


Electrocution is a major concern whenever you are handling electrical issues. If you so much as touch a wire incorrectly, you could complete a circuit with you in the center. This could lead to serious burns and even death.

There are many procedures that electricians must learn in order to reduce risks during a repair job. These procedures are necessary whether you are working with large-scale or small electrical repairs. They will know how to keep themselves, you, and your home safe from harm.

2. Fire Hazards

Did you know that there are over 51,000 house fires in the US every year due to electrical fires? This has resulted in hundreds of preventable deaths each year.

Many of these electrical fires are caused by improper repair work. When a home is fitted with faulty wiring or other electrical issues, it can cause overheating within the electrical circuits and put you at risk of a house fire. If this happens within a hidden section of your home, you may not notice the problem until it’s already too late.

No matter how well you think you know your home’s electrical grid, it’s best to reduce your risks of electrical fires and contact a professional electrician for help with any repairs. That way, you can rest assured knowing that the job has been done properly.

If you happen to notice signs of an electrical issue in your home, such as burned or smoking outlets, contact an electrician right away for help.

3. Improper Handling

Electrical issues are a complicated matter, and knowing exactly how to fix any given issue is crucial when working in your home. If you aren’t well trained as an electrician, it’s easy to wind up making mistakes while trying to repair a problem.

No matter how many DIY projects you’ve done around your home, your home’s electrical issues should be managed by a professional. They have the necessary training to get any problems resolved quickly and easily.

4. Legality Issues

A permit is required before an individual can begin working on any type of electrical repairs. In some states, it is also illegal to perform any electrical work without a proper license. There are serious repercussions for those who attempt to handle electrical issues without a license.

Permits and licenses are required to show that the person repairing the electrical problems are trained and able to do so properly and that they know the protocols to help them keep themselves and others safe. These permits show exactly what you intend to do while repairing your home’s electricity.

If you were to attempt a repair without the proper license or permit and someone is injured, you would be held liable for any damages. No matter how small the electrical issue may seem, you will need a permit in order to fix the problem. Always hire a licensed professional with a permit to fix your electrical problems to avoid legal problems!

5. Unnecessary Expensive Repairs

When you’re considering taking on an electrical repair on your own, you may think that it will help you save money. However, if you are to incorrectly perform the repair, you could do more damage than good.

Once you’ve incorrectly managed an electrical issue, you’ll need to contact a professional to fix the errors. In the end, this will wind up costing more money than if you had gone with a professional from the beginning.

6. Incorrect Product Use

Are you confident with the type of wire used in your home? How can you be sure that a certain light switch or fixture will work in your situation?

Choosing products that won’t work in your home is a common error many DIYers make when attempting electrical repairs. An electrician will know exactly what products to use in your home and avoid unnecessary spending.

7. Improper Tools for the Job

In order to keep themselves safe, electricians are equipped with many different types of tools. From something as simple as rubber gloves to more advanced hardware, electricians are given any and all tools that they need to properly complete a job. Even if you have the tools to complete a task, you may not know how to properly use them.

When handling tools for electrical work, it’s better to leave electrical repairs to the professionals.

8. Failed Electrical Inspections

All homes and apartment buildings are required to have regular electrical inspections to ensure the safety of the residents. Homes that are unable to pass an electrical inspection are considered unsafe, as they are at risk of electrical fires and other dangerous issues.

These failed inspections also come with a hefty fine, meaning that your attempt to fix your home for cheap will be for nothing. If you were handling an electrical issue yourself without meeting the proper requirements, such as having a permit or training, you could also be in legal trouble. Even if the repair was done successfully, you could be punished for failing to follow electrical safety protocol.

It’s better to leave an electrical problem to an electrician and save yourself the trouble when inspection time comes.

9. Insurance Concerns

If your home takes on damage due to negligence, your insurance company may not cover the damages. For example, if you attempted to fix an electrical issue but left naked wires that sparked an electrical fire, your home won’t be covered. They have the right to deny your claim, as you are the one who put your home at risk.

If you are unaware of a potential electrical hazard in your home and that issue results in a fire, you could also be denied for negligence. That’s why it’s best to have an electrician come check out any home you’re planning on purchasing, as well as having routine electrical inspections.

10. Hidden Dangers

No matter how well you think you know your home, there could be wiring in sections of your home that you aren’t aware of. If you’re trying to fix a repair and stumble across an electrical component you didn’t know about, you could be in serious danger.

It’s easy to accidentally hit something when doing a repair on your own, as you don’t know what to watch out for. An electrician knows exactly what to keep an eye on and will have the tools needed to protect themselves and your home.

Common DIY Electrical Mistakes

There are several DIY electrical mistakes that many beginners make. These can range from irritating to downright dangerous.

First up is cutting the wires too short when replacing or repairing faulty wiring. Installing wires that are too short can cause faulty or weak connections. They can also pose a fire hazard if they are installed improperly.

Another common issue is DIYers attempted to create electrical connections outside of an electrical box. Electrical boxes are designed to keep these connections safe from damage; having them outside of the box can expose these connections to potential damage and leave your home at risk.

Finally, the most common and dangerous mistake you can make is improperly handling a wire. This can and does lead to electrocution, which can do serious damage to your body. At the very least, you can expect some serious burns; however, serious cases of electrocution can cause fatality.

Get an Expert for Electrical Repairs

No matter how small your electrical issues may seem, you should always contact a professional electrician for help making any electrical repairs in your home. This will help you avoid risks to yourself and your home, as well as keep you out of trouble with the law. If you’re experiencing any problems with your home electricity, contact an electrician for help right away!

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